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Tell me, what’s one thing that really matters to you? I believe our greatest gift we can give ourselves is the willpower to value and take care of our health and happiness.

Yoga is designed to bring your body and mind into the space where confidence, vitality, and sense of purpose naturally emerge.

Online Yoga Classes

Immerse yourself in yoga, meditation and pranayama practice that will nurture your body, bringing peace and stillness to your heart and mind. Yoga enhances your own personal well-being while giving you the freedom and space that is needed to reflect and absorb all that is important.

We welcome all levels of experience by offering yoga for beginners as well as seasoned yogis.  We provide modifications for each yoga pose to suit everyone’s ability and encourage a softness to the practice so we can gently tap into our healing energies.

online yoga classes

Ashtanga Inspired Yoga

Start your day with our early morning yoga class. Ashtanga inspired yoga is known as an eight-limbed path of conscious living and is an incredibly spiritual practice that cleanses and purifies the body. Pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation is part of the practice where you will experience rest, renewal and invigoration.

Our online guided Primary series videos are broken down and bought back to basics for anyone new wishing to learn this style of yoga. Ashtanga yoga can be modified and softened to accommodate everyone, regardless of body type, age or ability. I look forward to to wholeheartedly sharing my knowledge and experience with you in a sacred space that will help you deepen your practice and facilitate your healing journey.

All you need is a smile, an open mind and a positive attitude.


online yoga classes
online yoga classes
Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga will also be part of our online yoga program. Yin Yoga brings the perfect balance to the more yang flowing classes. By having a Yin and a Yang yoga practice, you are creating a beautiful balance to your energy system. Yin Yoga is designed to restore tired muscles. Holding poses for longer releases and stretches the connective tissues and the fascia throughout the body.

Yin, is one side of our dual reality, it is the equal and complementary opposite to Yang. Light and dark, hot and cold, active and inactive, one cannot exist without the other. In the physical body, Yin yoga practice is a slower pace and is definitely more conducive to the meditative practices of mindfulness of action and awareness of breathing. This class provides the passive, cooling, stretching, releasing and calming balance to those intense, activating and heating sessions. For the mind, it is an opportunity to cultivate awareness, observation, stillness, calm and clarity. Yin yoga will expand the limits of your body and mind and allow you to move forward with balance.

You can expect deep stretches that will challenge body and mind, it allows you to remain still above the minds thoughts and feelings, cravings and aversions.

Yin postures go beyond muscle and target the deep connective tissues, joint capsules and fascia that limit our range of motion.

Hatha yoga

The word “Hatha” comes from two Sanskrit words “ha” which means “sun” and “tha” which means moon.

This soothing style of yoga encourages you to open to the postures rather than push to your maximum. While still challenging, the focus is on slow and steady breathing into the sequence and aligning the body to allow release, relaxation and balance. 

Hatha yoga is ideal for anyone who has never done yoga before as well as yogis who have taken a break from the practice and want to go back to the basics.

Traditionally, Hatha yoga starts with meditation and breathing exercises which allow the individual to focus on calming their mind while bringing you into the pressent moment so you can create space for movement. After meditation, a series of gentle or classical sun salutations are performed to warm up the body. The practice then continues with a series of postures held for 5 to 10 breaths, before resting in Shavasana. The asanas (postures) help open and cleanse the subtle energy system and nadi energy channels of the body, thereby allowing the healing energy flow to occur.

Yin yoga for mental health

Meditation allows you to clear your mind, relax and turn your focus inwards. Meditation (dhyana) requires a still and one-pointed state of consciousness, an inner focus where you are fully awake while allowing the mind to rest in silence.

As you learn to be still you can begin to examine all aspects of yourself and your true nature. As you calm your mind by focusing on meditation techniques you remain fully alert but are no longer distracted by the external world around you, from this space you can go beyond your mind and experience joy and inner peace as you connect with the deeper levels of your consciousness.

We believe meditation to be very therapeutic and a healthy practical way to calm yourself, it will help to restore you to a sense of grounded stability, clarity, security, courage and calm. To see clearly, and to connect to your inner voice. Sitting in meditation will prepare you for a peaceful, grounded day, or evening, you just need a safe quite place to do so.



Yin yoga for mental health
Live, Breath & Let go
“You should not be practicing to have a ‘good’ practice, but instead to keep steadiness within yourself. Practice happily regardless of whether it is ‘good’ or not. Sometimes some postures will not be possible, but when you accept the good and the bad and everything becomes equal for you, that is yoga.”

R. Sharath Jois


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Allow a regular yoga practice to gently help you align with their inner truth, aiding in releasing and cleansing all that is no longer needed. This very special energy work can be the catalyst for deep change whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

I have been practicing yoga with Claire since 2013 and I wouldn’t go to another studio! Changes in my family and work life have made it hard at times to maintain a consistent yoga practice.

Claire’s classes have always been flexible either by the nature of her timetable, the types of classes she offers but most importantly her warm and welcoming style as a yoga teacher. She makes us all feel at ease and at peace in her class even if you are a beginner or a seasoned yogi.

Claire’s online classes have made it even easier to ‘catch’ a class without having to actually get to the studio, which means now more than ever when I need it the most, yoga can be part of my day in a way that suits me and my family.

Leon Ledwidge

I find the online yoga classes with Claire fantastic for both fitness and mindfulness. Claire is a great teacher and explains everything very clearly. There is always a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere. After a stressful day in work I look forward to getting the yoga mat out in my living room and joining a class to help me switch off from all of life’s distractions. I couldn’t recommend Claire highly enough.

Aoife O'Neill

Patrick Mullen

Claire engages with a warmth and kindness. Her clear and informed instruction is oriented for everyone practicing in her class. I have been with Claire for 10 years and have always found her classes to be positive, happy and a great benefit.

Hilary Hamilton

It’s not about our external circumstances, it’s about our ability to meet the times with love, awareness and wisdom.


Our mission is to support and inspire people of all ages to move freely and breath deeply on their yoga mat. Our approach to guiding a regular self care yoga class embodies a playfulness, emotional intelligents and wisdom that opens indivduals up and encourages all shapes and personalities to step on their mat and invest in a practice of self love and personal growth. 





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