Using Energy Wisely

What does in mean to be a Light Worker?

Those who have been guided to walk the path of a healer, messenger, teacher, counsellor or any other therapist working with energy, uplifting the collective and spreading light have to understand and use their energy wisely. Working in this field of work takes dedication, awareness and responsibility. How can you help someone If you have not worked and cleared your own shadow? There is the balance in all things including energy. The more we work on our light the bigger our responsibility becomes to use it wisely. Energy is a source we use to uplift and heal the world around us. But if you’re not responsible for owning your darker side you can undo all the good you are trying to attain.

Energy is both the light and the dark, it’s a source we can draw toward us, the more light we permit the same will be true for our darkness. Psychic attack is a real thing, it can really hurt and upset the balance of people or anything around you, it is used to harm another person by manipulating and controlling them, by sending negative energy toward them. As a light worker, if you are unaware of your energy you can psychically attack someone, it can be unconscious, without your knowledge and it can cause physical symptoms similar to an illness to the person you are annoyed at. It is similar to when someone is in a bad mood, how your energy can immediately change from their presence and your now left feeling upset from the toxic energy of another and how it can easily spread and affect your day. It is the energy behind their words that is damaging not the words. Once you put that energy out into the world you can’t take it back. This is where we can run into problems. Anger is a very useful energy if used correctly, it lets you know when something isn’t ok, it’s how you use it that matters. All emotions are important and require you to be balanced. Being authentic is the true balance, that means you can have bad days, be human and not perfect. The expectation people have on light workers is false if they are put high on a pedestal and yes they will have bad days too, they will one day fall off if they are only showing one facet of their persona and yes the illusion will be shattered but it was really only ever an illusion that you have placed on them all along. Being real is so much more refreshing than only seeing a mask of someone.

Being Sensitive

What happens if you’re sensitive? I feel an energy around me, I know when something is being hidden, I feel deeply. I can feel you from a distance, I can sense your energy for that is how I do my work. I teach yoga and reiki, I know when I have taught a good class by the energy in the room, I have learnt how to build and hold this space, I have bad days too where I am not present and my class can feel like any exercise class, there is a huge difference. For me, yoga is energy, a healing practice for those motivated to get well. It’s self-empowering and it can transform a person to feel more comfortable in their own authentic self as well as all the physical benefits that are usually one of the main motivating factors for attending in the first place. I love this about how I teach. I teach the sequence of Ashtanga yoga as I love the spiritual practice and energy that it brings, students learn the tools to have their practice for the rest of their lives but I am not traditional as that is for others, not me.

As a light worker I have to stay centred in my own self, it is vital I do not throw out energy in a negative way, it doesn’t mean I can’t get angry I simply do not focus my attention on something in a harmful or negative manner, for this is not yoga. I have learnt this over the years and I have felt a lot too. My intuition is strong and I trust my guidance, there is a knowing in my psyche that helps me navigate the harder aspects of this work. Standing in my light is my life, my light can dim sometimes when I am feeling attacked but it will never go out. For it actually makes me stronger, the darkness will always be attracted to the light, you can use protection from these negative energies, walk the higher path and not get drawn down into the lower levels of conflict, using boundaries and not giving negative thoughts or feelings any attention helps, physical symptoms can be a little harder to shift as it often comes in quickly and strong out of nowhere, it can knock you off balance and action is required to ground, release and send back to source with love. This is an art that needs work and awareness, this is the path of the warrior or the true spiritual messenger.

No one has the right or the power to limit your freedom without your consent. Standing in your own light requires attention and awareness to understand the layers yet to shed, for the transformation that is still required to continually grow into your true self and not to be afraid to look at what you do not want to see. Being strong in your centre allows you to shine your light to the world.

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