‘ The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing’“

The smaller picture inside the bigger picture

Look at what’s in front of you, look after yourself. Practice self-love every day and take care of your own needs, if we could all succeed at this would everything else be ok? Energy flows from someone that is happy and healthy, they are able to give to the world with love and without feeling depleted

Your life may not be going the way you imagined or maybe it’s everything you have ever dreamed of. Things could be falling away. When is the right moment to push or to yield? How do we find our flow? When do we stop chasing drama? When is the right time to walk away? When do we fight for what we desire? We may have opportunities or different paths in front of us but how can we tune in to make those important decisions? Each choice we make will have an impact on our future, we can’t hold onto our life for life is a reality that is forever changing.

Looking after your health, eating regular meals, getting enough sleep, exercise, good hygiene, enjoying the company of others and fresh air would certainly be a good start as these qualities are nourishing for life without them we would simply wither.


Timing is vital, sometimes we are required to push ourselves to our limit, other times we need to retreat. Showing up and being willing to see clearly requires effort as we navigate the twists and turns on our path and actions of past efforts. We can often fall away from our path, distraction comes in many disguises and pleasure seeking or avoidance can cause us to lose our way, it can creep up on us slowly until one day we wake up lost. Or we can become so fixated with life being a certain way that our mindset can become narrow or so black and white, tension can build up like a pressure cooker, and these are the moments when everything just falls apart. We are fighting our own battle, our own afflictions cause’s our suffering and pain.

Do we really know our destiny, our higher purpose? The bigger picture can’t always be seen in the present moment. We all like to feel safe, in control and not lost. Control is an illusion, life can change in a flash. Emotions, expectations and ego can drive us to hold on so tightly that our overall wellbeing suffers. Our identity is defined by the labels we put on one another. Going back to a simple nourishing routine could be the medicine we need at that very moment when everything is not clear.

Sitting outside in nature breathing and noticing everything around you will connect you to the earth, it will ground you, being around water soothes your emotions, by stepping away from the obsession allows room for a fresh perspective. Letting go of the dominating thoughts will bring in a new energy and clarity that may be needed. Finding the positive in a situation can ease your discomfort. Once you can loosen the grip and stand back you will see there are many opportunities waiting to be discovered and developed. Letting go is part of the new beginning. Manifesting your dreams requires trust, self-worth and self-love for the moment you doubt, your ability to manifest will wipe the magic away. Emotional intelligence and a practical mind work in harmony, as a bridge, by gathering the information received on an intuitive level and putting it into action in the physical. A trust you’re being taken care of needs a fearless courage to be able to fully let go or take that giant leap of faith. When life is running smoothly there often isn’t the need to contemplate as deeply as we are moving effortlessly and with ease. But when we stumble life requires us to be fully present, pain has to be felt not avoided and a creativity has to be researched as we hold on tightly awaiting for the storm to pass.

Spirit will look after you if you can hand your troubles over, to surrender and trust you’re in the right place at this time for your growth. Being mindful of the smaller picture is all we have when the bigger picture is shifting and changing course. Fear will keep our energy fragmented, it can cause you to hold on or run, but for what? Really? In twenty years from now, how will this situation still affect you? Sometimes we need to practice patients, maybe the person you’re destined to meet is still working on their own lessons and the timing is not aligned, maybe a new job or opportunity is awaiting for you but you need to walk away from something first. We do not need to manipulate our destiny. People and situations show up at the right time and often once you have finally let go. Everything will happen at the right moment when you’re in your flow, everything falls in front of you, and things are easy to do. The mundane and waiting can be a challenge if you’re trying to grasp for an outcome. This moment now is all we have, the people around you want to be seen and heard, we all do. Be like a child that moves so freely in their body, that see’s the world through new eyes in everything they do, allow your emotions to flow, become absorbed with what you doing right now, be in this moment, look after the smaller picture and watch the larger picture take care of itself. Once you know you have done your best, be happy with that, trust your guides are at your side and your spiritual path is unfolding beautifully.

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