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Halcyon Spirit Retreats provide an opportunity to unwind, re-group and nourish your mind, body and soul. We believe the power of movement, creativity, fresh air, connection and time out to be the best form of medicine.

We provide a space for you to experience, appreciate and explore the deeper connections that yoga, nature therapy and reiki healing can offer, both within the body and with the world around us. Our sessions invite you to get curious about your own body and discover the wisdom within.

Come and experience the serenity and beauty that nature has to offer.

Immerse yourself in the therapeutic practice of forest therapy and experience a deeper connection with the natural world.

Mini Day Yoga Retreat.

Our mini day yoga retreat timetable has been carefully designed with you in mind. Greet your morning with sun salutations in our Ashtanga inspired yoga class. You will have plenty of time to relax after your morning yoga class. Enjoy being surrounded by nature and relax with a leisurely lunch, before engaging in an afternoon yin/restorative yoga workshops. How much or little you choose to do is always up to you. Each session is crafted to help you recharge, energise and feel your absolute best.

Bring along a light lunch or drop next door to Kilmacurragh.

Forest Therapy.

Forest therapy sessions will be held outside on the grounds of Carrigmore, Co Wicklow allowing you to deeply engage, connect and absorb the benefits of nature, to bath in the natural sun light and feel the gentle warm breeze on your skin, listen to the birds sing, inhale the scent of the trees as you tune into nature all your senses will be stimulated for a more authentic, therapeutic and uplifting experience. If the weather has a different arrangement we have a special yoga room set up for the occasion that is equally as peaceful.

Forest bathing.

Healing invitations.

Wind down meditation.


Healing yoga retreat

In person reiki healing treatment.

Distant healing session.

Reiki attunement workshops.


Forward Bend yoga

Online yoga classes.

Private yoga classes.

Mini day yoga retreats.

Halcyon Spirit Signature Programme

Start your day with our early morning yoga class.

Then, immerse yourself in nature with a silent meditation in our private forest followed by a relaxing lunch.

Energised and nourished we join together for an early afternoon restorative yoga workshop of a more calming nature.

Then, wind down and finish the day with a cup of herbal tea.

One day yoga retreat – €55

Start your day by emerging yourself into nature’s healing energy. Learn how to open up and strenghten and improve your senses to have a better connecting to the world around you and yourself.

Then, experience forest therapy through a selection of forests invitations that will improve your health, revitalise, inspire and connect you to your true nature.

Energised and nourished we join together to to wind down and finish our session in ceremony in a social calming nature.

Forest therapy – €30

Signature Yoga & Forest Therapy Mini Day Retreats

Morning yoga sessions – Your morning yoga class will help revitalise and uplift the body and make the mind bright and alert for the day’s adventure ahead.


Meditation – Each yoga session we seal the practice with a silent meditation, allowing you to connect deeply with your true nature.


Yoga workshops – Exploring deeper into yoga poses (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama) and yoga sleep (yoga nidra). Our afternoon yoga workshops will be gentle, yin/restorative style where we nurture and nourish our mind, body and soul.


Recharge just outside Wicklow Town – Set on a 120 acres of woodlands, this hidden location is perfect for retreats.

Please bring along a light lunch. We have set up benches outside if you wish to take some alone time. 

Nature therapy – Immerse yourself in our private forest and enjoy nature invitation activities that will stimulate your senses and reconnect you to yourself. Build a stronger connection with nature, and receice natures medicine.

Healing energy circle – Experience the exchange of giving and receiving support from nature and other like minded people. Journey and learn how to transmute any heavier energies into a purer form. Build a stronger connection with nature, and honour nature as our greatest ally.


Recharge just outside Wicklow Town – Set on a 120 acres of woodlands, this hidden location is perfect for retreats.

Heart opening experience.

In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks

John Muir

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“One of my greatest joys is to see people get healthier, to help them exceed their expectations and actualize their goals. All while realizing that exercise is fun”.

Join us for a nourishing retreat experience.

Know you deserve everything that brings you joy. 


Halcyon Spirit

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