Protection and Grounding

Owning your personal space

Protection is a useful tool to use when you’re working with energy as you are more susceptible and sensitive to others and the environment around you. It doesn’t require that you close down your heart but it does mean being responsible and taking care of your own self and your energy field, it is vital to stay healthy and balanced for your own wellbeing but also for your work and others around you. When you are around heavy or negative energies you absorbed the feelings and impressions around you, your energy changes as a result of allowing another’s energy to penetrate your personal space, it’s exactly the same when you’re around happy vibrant people you will notice your energy lift and everything is much brighter. Without protection, we risk taking on other people issues, even symptoms and can struggle to understand what is happening. Over time we become aware of these tendencies to absorb our surroundings and learn how to separate ourselves from one an other. Protection should become a daily routine as a means of self-love. Boundaries are healthy for any relationship as they create clear lines and better understanding for everyone.

Methods for protecting and grounding

Visualising a white light surrounding you, your home or whatever needs protecting can protect that personal space, you can place a mirror all around the light with the reflection facing away from you to deflect any energy penetrating your energy field and sending the energy back to the sender (with love). There are mantras that can be repeated. Herbs that can be burnt, crystals, dream catchers and a number of other rituals that can be used to help. With the intention and asking your higher self for help you trust and know that it’s done. You can feel the difference immediately and feel your energy comes back to itself.

Grounding is another tool we can use when we are swept away with powerful energies or when there is too much going on and you can’t get out of your head. Placing your bare feet or hands on Mother Earth and connecting with the electromagnetic field and asking for help to release any energy that is draining and transmuting the energy for the higher good. This simple technique gentle encourages you to come down out of your head and back into your body, it is both grounding and balancing for the mind, body and senses as it brings you back to the present. Sometimes emotions and feelings can be so intense we can cut off from our bodies as a way to escape the pain, this technique gentle connects us with our senses in a mindful way. Bringing the energy back down from the head. Grounding techniques can help in releasing any intense feelings of anxiety or fear and will allow us to soothe our nervous system bring us back into reality.  With our ‘feet firmly placed on the ground’ we can take a few deep breaths and feel our body expanding and contracting with each breath, deeply breathing into our abdomen has a grounding effect on our system.

Yoga also brings you back to yourself as you turn your attention inwards, you connect movement with the breath and stay focused in this very moment. By doing this you release the grip on anything that can be troubling you and a feeling of lightness will surround you.
Sending time alone to come back to your centre and evaluate your day or situation brings clarity, by removing anything that isn’t in our vibration and separating our own issues and reactions from others is a process.

In yoga, we can use mudras (hand gestures)  Kashyapa mudra is for balancing and protecting yourself from negative energies. It symbolises the tortoise, use when you find yourself in a conflicting situation or when you’re around negative people or places as it helps to create balance and grounding energetic reaction in your energy field and protects you. Wrap your index and middle finger around your thumb and draw your fingers down towards the palm of your hands.

Being mindful of your actions and words is another way to stay grounded in the present. If you find your disconnect from your centre you can bring yourself back into your body by noticing your five sense. What can you hear? Smell? See? Taste? And touch? As you work through these senses your awareness anchors back into the present.

If we can be vigilant and conscious of our personal space every day we strengthen our auric field, the stronger and more secure our personal space is the less likely heavier energies will be able to penetrate, instead they will tend to move over or around us effortlessly and we can freely move from one situation from to another unaffected by the turbulence of life. If we stay grounded and aware in each moment we are able to quickly address anything that isn’t in alignment and remove and release anything that doesn’t serve our higher purpose.

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