Forest Immersion


Reconnect your Heart and your Mind
“Take care of this moment” Gandhi

Rebuild your relationship with nature

Forest immersion is about taking time to unwind and connect with nature to improve your health. It is retreating to nature to immerse in the forest atmosphere.

Immersing yourself in the natural world is a great way to relax, boost your mood and help gain a better perspective on things causing you suffering.

Learn  how to deepen nature connection through the senses of sight, smell, hearing and touch, and how nature can enliven all your senses and provide much needed stress relief.

Our monthly nature retreats provide the space for you to indulge in some ‘me time’ in a tranquil woodland setting, with no public access; a great place to feel at ease and promote relaxation. The only visitors to the woodland are those who are invited, together with the birds and animals who choose to make the woodland their home.

Forest bathing

Forest bathing originated in Japan in the late 1980’s and was coined by the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries as “Shinrin-yoku,” It is focused on fully experiencing the nature around us.

Forest bathing has been scientifically shown to increase immunity, decrease the risk of cancer and help you to recover from illness faster. Forest bathng significantly reduce blood pressure, stress levels and pulse rate. 

Electromagnetic exposure from wireless devices, cell phone towers, and other modern-day technology saturates our environments. Earthing and forest bathing gives us a way to reset our natural electromagnetic fields and center the body.

Forest air is noticeably fresher than city air, or even other nature environments, since the trees are busy converting CO2 into fresh oxygen for our lungs. Not only is the air fresher, but the compounds naturally released by the trees decrease inflammation.

Nature’s medicine

Connecting to nature is believed to lead to a happier life and will enhance your well being.

Research has shown that purely observation or scientific activities do not bring about deep or long lasting connections with nature. To develop a deeper connection to nature and develop a relationship that will bring about pro-nature behaviour’s and improved mental well-being, we need to engage all our senses, our emotions and have compassion and connection to our nature allies.

We absorb are surroundings and impressions continuously, and the subtle energy has a direct effect to both our physical and mental health. Taking the time to connect and enjoy nature will have a positive effect on your body, mind, and soul. Being in nature is perfect to practice relaxation, concentration and harmonization of the senses.


look after your health in nature

Forest therapy improves your health and well being.

Forest bathing sessions help to boost your immune system function, fight stress, anxiety and depression, while realigning your natural bodily rhythms, it also stimulates your creative thinking, increases empathy, lowers cortisol levels, assist in digestion, sleep as well as reconnecting you with nature and natures medicine.  

Forest bathing is a slow paced, guided walk in nature with different mindfulness invitation exercises.

Forest therapy offers the opportunity to deeply connect with nature, it is designed to help still your mind, heighten your senses and deepen your connection to the natural environment, to better protect and heal your physical, mental and emotional health.

Halcyon Spirit Signature Programme

Start your day by emerging yourself into nature’s healing energy. Learn how to open up and strenghten and improve your senses to have a better connecting to the world around you and yourself.

Then, experience forest therapy through a selection of forests invitations that will improve your health, revitalise, inspire and connect you to your true nature.

Energised and nourished we join together to to wind down and finish our session in ceremony in a social calming nature.

Forest Therapy – €30



Don't be distracted

Go unplugged, leave technology behind. 


How long is a session?

Walks will last for two hours. 


Where will we do forest bathing?

Walks will take place in a wooded environment, with streams, a meadow and minimal intrusion.


Learn to use your senses.

Your focus should be on a sense of embodiment and a sensory experience.


Why do we build a relationship with nature?

Learn to skilfully open yourself up to the forests energy, and allow it to work with you in a positive way.


Learn to trust and strengthen your intuition

Be guided by forest invitations, and allow your intuitive nature to develop.


What other activities can be practiced?

Practice yoga, mindfulness, meditation and journeying.


How far do we walk?

The distance is often only half a km or less.


How does the forest therapy session end?

Finish your forest therapy sessions with a cup of herbal tea with the group.

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