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Clean healthy living

Halcyon Spirit Retreats believe in healthy living. Our menu is expertly designed by our professional chef to give you a well balanced, tasty, nutritious diet. Our ingredients are fresh, high quality and locally sourced including fresh fish and on occasion chicken, with plenty of fresh organic fruit, salads and vegetables.

Our menu includes three delicious and wholesome meals a day, a healthy snack, freshly cut fruit platter, a selection of teas, coffee and filtered water. There will also be fresh soup available all day upon request.  Our menu is designed to be gently cleansing and detoxifying, full of freshness and flavour while rebalancing and nourishing the body back to health, leaving you feeling energised and glowing. The perfect compliment to our yoga, healing and wellness retreat.


Diet is the most important long-term physical remedial measure. Following a sattvic diet and pure life-style will enhance peace and clarity of the mind.

Natural harmony comes from purity of life-style. Physical purity includes diet, pure air and water, as well as exercise and cleanliness.

Halcyon Spirit Retreats provide a pleasant natural environment where we will enhance the principles of sattvic living.

Please note we always offer options for any dietary requirements, allergies or medical dietary conditions. In certain cases there may incur and extra fee. Let us know how we can help you make your dining experience more enjoyable so you can share these precious moments of the day.


Sample menu


Fruit salad with natural yoghurt – Breakfast biscotti – Freshly squeezed orange juice


Broccoli soup – Roasted courgette frittata with chives – Turkish bulghar wheat salad with tomatoes, cucumber & pomegranate molasses


Date, almond and cocoa energy balls


Roasted root vegetables & Mexican spaghetti squash – Herbed quinoa – Wilted greens with sesame ginger dressing – Persian rice pudding with oatmilk, pistachio & honey

Halcyon Spirit Signature Programme

Start your day with our early morning yoga class followed by a nutritious breakfast.

Then, experience Cornwall through an activity of your choosing or a holistic healing treatment followed by a delicious lunch.

Energised and nourished we join together for a late afternoon workshop of a more calming nature.

Indulge in a healthy dinner.

Then, wind down and finish the day in meditation

Shared room from – £850

Private room from – £1,350

* Special rates for group bookings of four or more
* £100 pound savings if booking three months in advance – not to be used in conjunction with any other offer

* Airfares and transfers not included 


Daily yoga sessions – Morning yoga practice will help revitalise and uplift the body and make the mind bright and alert for the day’s adventure ahead.


Stay at Rosemerryn – Set in 7 acres of woodlands, this hidden location is perfect for retreats.


Healthy and delicious meals, snacks and juices – Our menu has been designed by a professional chef with you in mind. You will receive 3 healthy meals a day, snacks, juices, herbal teas, tea, coffee and filtered water.


Daily meditation – Each yoga session seals the practice with a silent meditation, allowing you to connect deeply with your true nature. Evening meditations give everyone the opportunity to be present, reflect and observe their subtle energy.


Yoga workshops – Exploring deeper into yoga poses (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama) and yoga sleep (yoga nidra) in a gentle, restorative style where we break everything down.


Energy Circle – Experience the exchange of giving and receiving support from others.


Sound bathing workshop & treatment – Sound has a direct effect on our energy. Singing bowls – also known as Himalayan bowls emit very pure tones, they are used in yoga, music therapy, sound healing, and religious ceremonies.


Reiki treatment – Reiki healing gently releases and cleanses all that is no longer needed. This very special energy work can be the catalyst for deep change whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.


Transfiguration – a complete change of form or appearance into a more beautiful or spiritual state.

A Reset Is A New Beginning

Give your digestive tract a bit of a vacation

Join us for a once in a lifetime retreat experience.

Transform your life in just 7 days. No equipment required.


Halcyon Spirit

Contact us today to learn more or to reserve your space on our retreat. We are here to answer any questions and would love to hear from you.


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