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Distant Healing

One of the highlights and very personal experiences offered at Halcyon Spirit Retreats is a distant healing sessions. Would you like to receive distant healing also known as absent healing or remote healing? The energy healing sessions are very personalised depending on our guests individual needs. Claire is a gifted intuitive healer, a channel of spiritual healing with over 18 years experience and a Reiki Master for 15 years. Claire is commitment to her spiritual works and understands the person will receive exactly what they need at the time.  Distant energy is a high energy frequency (like radio waves) that deeply penetrate the human auric field of the client. There is no doubt that they will feel it.

Distant Healing is conducted by energy healers who can sense the energy field of the client receiving the healing.  A distant healing treatment is similar to a Reiki session. A healing session will last for 30 minutes and if you wish you can book a time slot when you can lay down and receive the energy. I would recommend you give yourself at least 15/30 minutes after the distant healing session to rest and allow the energy to integrated, but it is not necessary. If you choose not to lay down then I will work on you when you are asleep when the body is relaxed.  All that is required is a recent photograph. It is simple, safe and effective. 

Healing is not a one off event, but an on going process that helps to keep the immune system strong and our subtle energy body clear so our physical body stays healthy and our nervous system relaxed.  

Clients often feel sensation of inner peace during a healing treatment, while I work on calming and healing their energetic body and then moving deeper to integrate into the physical. 

Energy Healing Therapy
Distant healing sessions

In person reiki healing

work intuitively and energetically with your subtle energy and physical areas of the body. We hold the stresses of life experiences within our body, in yoga they are known as knots. These knots need to be released so we can live a full and healthy life. Reiki healing is a powerful, safe, non invasive way to access specific energetic and physical areas within our body, similar to yoga helping to open and release the energetic channels so our energy can flow freely through the body. Reiki promotes good health and well-being and visibly rejuvenates your body and your energy in the most natural way. A release of energy can be experienced in a session as the energetic blockages whether physical, emotional or mentally are released. Let the combination of the pure healing energy take you on a journey giving you the opportunity to connect and access a deep healing and relaxing experience.

Healing The Heart Nature’s Way

We all have an opportunity to live an inspired and purposeful life. Our workshops are designed to allow you to journey deeper into self inquiry. We will support you as you create the space that allows for change, giving you clarity, direction and inspiration as you become friends with your authentic self.

We all carry inside us the perfect combination of elements to make ourselves bright and blissful. When we bring our ‘inner elements’ into balance and transform them into their subtlest form, a field of illumination projects from the mind and the body. We don’t need to change ourselves to experience our radiant body, we just need to activate the deepest and most subtle parts of our being.

Nature's healing energy
Reiki healing attunement
Reiki attunement

If you desire to learn a powerful yet gentle energy healing system and use it to re-balance your life and help others reiki healing may be of intrest you. Reiki is a unique system of energy healing, reiki healing enables you to “channel” the reiki healing energy primarily through the hands. This workshop will be for anyone wishing to learn or refresh their reiki skills. Claire will take you through the healing process and attunement. After completion of the reiki attunement workshop you will feel comfortable and confident to practice self healing techniques and give healing to others.  

The reiki Level 1 attunement enables you to use reiki for self-healing and to pass it on to others simply through the laying on of hands.

Healing The Heart In A Creative Way

An over looked aspect of total wellness is creativity. There is a lot of fun and joy in expressing ourselves creatively and studies over the years have linked creative activities with improved health. In our hectic, modern lives, many of us focus so heavily on work and family commitments that we never seem to have time to engage in creative activities. Creativity fuels our imagination, aids in problem-solving and increases our emotional well-being.The fun and rejuvenating play we did as a child is somehow lost between childhood and adulthood, we simply stopped fueling our creative side by stopping playing.

Healing in nature

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I have been receiving Reiki with Claire for a number of years, for numerous problems e.g fertility, endometriosis, stress, anxiety, panic attacks.  I always look forward to my sessions as it is a kind safe environment with no pressure and so so relaxing.  Claire listens and works on what is needed, I always leave clear headed and with peace.  She works in a beautiful comfortable room and the facility has outdoor parking so nothing is a hassle.  I would highly recommend Claire for Reiki, you will not be disappointed.

Wicklow, Ireland.

I have been working all through Covid-19 and in early January I got sciatica in my back and it went down into my leg and ankel, I tried to get a treatment but everywhere was closed down, I came across Claire’s website and I called, she was also closed. Claire offered me distant healing, which I thought was strange but I needed to try something as the pain was so severe. She sent healing to me that night and continued to work on me for the next few days, to my amazement I was so much better the next morning and totally better in 3 days. It sounds a bit surreal but it worked! I am so grateful to Claire, many thanks Des.


Greystones, Ireland.

I have been going to Claire for healing for several years and have also completed Reiki levels 1 and 2 with her. I have been to many practitioners in the past, but none come close to Claire. Her experience, empathy and healing have helped me through chronic pain conditions and migraines. I would highly recommend her healing to anyone, but especially chronic pain sufferers and those in need of emotional as well as physical healing.


Glenmalure, Ireland.



What is Reiki?

Reiki and distant healing is a spiritually guided energy source (like radio waves) that is transfered from the practitioner to the client. Reiki assists in opening up and clearing the subtle energy field and energy channels within the body to promote healing.


What is a Reiki treatment like?

You lay fully clothed on my treatment table. You may be on your back for the full session if required, or I may have you roll onto your stomach during the session so I can work on the back of your body. Just make sure to tell me beforehand if you are pregnant or need additional support like extra cushions etc.


What does Reiki feel like?

A Reiki treatment is an unique experience for everyone, you may feel certain sensations when receiving Reiki such as heat, tingling, pulsing and cold, it is usually a very relaxing experience and often times clients will drift off to sleep.


Can anyone receive Reiki?

Reiki healing is a safe non envasive therapy that anyone can receive. It is suitable for all ages including babies and seniors. Reiki is even suitable to animals.


Who is Distant Healing for?

Distant healing is suitable for clients that cannot leave their homes or are in hospital. Distant healing works well for clients living in a different part of the country or international clients based overseas.


What happens after a treatment?

Do not expect a diagnosis, as that is not part of Reiki. If something does comes up to discuss it will usually be recomendations to drink more water. It is advised to rest and take it easy just after a treatment as your body intergrates the energy. 


Energy Healing

Energy healing gently releases and cleanses all that is no longer needed. This very special energy work can be the catalyst for deep change whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.


What is subtle energy?

Healing transforms and releases lower energies, frequencies and blockages from the body. Healing helps to keep our energy system clear and our physical body fit and healthy. Disease is often manifested in our subtle energy field first through stress, addictions, thoughts or trauma and this low vibration energy works its way to the physical body where it will manifest as disease.


How often should I receive healing?

Regular healing sessions will support your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being by keeping your auric field healthy and clear. Healing sessions allow us to bath and immerse ourselves in pure, clear, high frequency energy, that in turn helps to uplift and release heavier energies that we hold onto. Both Reiki and distant healing bringing balance and a more beautiful and spiritual energy into our lives.


“I salute the light within your eyes where the whole universe dwells. For when you are at that center within you and I am at that place within me, we shall be one”.

Crazy Horse

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