‘Freedom or Fear’


Life is an intertwined dance as we weave our way through the highs and lows of our time on this planet. We all have a movie playing out, the dynamics of emotions, reactions and thoughts. Each of us sees through our own eyes from our own experience. Something so easy for one person can cause another to struggle. How do we embrace each moment with the lightness and awareness that will uplift and enlighten our experience here? The highs in life are moments when you experience true freedom and bliss in the heart but is the opposite of this experience just another reflection of the same thing? How can we manage to dance with both sides of the same coin in a non-reactive detached way?

Our emotions and mind attaches itself to our experiences and quite often triggers a past memory that plays itself out, repeating the cycle for us to embrace a better understanding of ourselves, to reflect and grow so we can aim to reach a higher wisdom. Learning how to respond to situations for the highest good can move our life to a new level. Does this make the harder times in life more valuable than those lighter experiences? Reaching deep down to connect with your fears takes courage and strength for an honesty is required to clearly look at yourself and resolve repeating patterns. Great depths of soul searching can take its toll if we do not get to experience the heights of love. Great wisdom can be found by balancing these two polar opposites.

As our reaction matures and the choices we make adjusts we can see the world around us shift too. As we move away from energies that no longer resonate with us we become aware of our reflections changing. People come and go in life, different chapters play out, our inner world shifts and these changes are then reflected back to us in the physical, these moments can feel like you’re in a void, a mismatch and readjustments are required for the physical to catch up. The cycles of birth, life and death are repeated over and over for our highest good. What would have caused a feeling of bliss 10 years ago may not have the same impact on you today?


Become aware of the reflections in your life. Who can uplift you with their words? Who helps open your mind to a new way of thinking? Who encourages you to be yourself or supports you to be brave? Who wants to see the real you, believes in your magic, doesn’t restrict but encourages the very best side of you to shine? These people reflect true beauty, these people are your allies. We can make many excuses but who is at your side to help you to face your pain without judgement? The opposite of this reflection is the cruel reality of the pieces still waiting to heal in your soul. Who do you believe? Letting go of people that no longer reflect the wounded part of your soul can be hard when they have played a great role in your life. Growing towards a new higher vibration awaits. The transition can raise many doubts as you walk the road of self-discovery. Moving away from situations when your new self-has only glimpsed this new awareness, like a seedling that needs attention and care. Growing into new lessons can be frightening as detachment is needed for the birth of the new self to evolve.

Being yourself, believing in yourself and not being afraid of yourself at all costs. That’s quite a commitment. Dare to be different, dare to live, taking a chance in life all requires a leap into the unknown, stripped bare of illusions as you embark on new discoveries.
It’s like when you meet someone and instantly know it is right, your energy and intuition are in sync, the feeling of being in love, the new freedom of total expansion, trust, the excitement of freshness and the obsession of wanting more. These moments of perfection should be embraced full heartedly for a new chapter in life has begun. This moment now will forever be a memory as you open up to the beauty of your meeting. The journey of the new relationship will reflect back all that needs healing, taking you into the deeper understanding of yourself. We need relationships to be able to work through our triggers for without these reflections we are avoiding our true self. Before long we are faced with choices, growth and knowledge. Are we brave enough to face our own self? Do we grow together or apart? These are always the lessons we have to discern. Intensity can bring you close but often with bigger lessons to learn. Those that walk beside you through the highs and the lows of your life, that give you the freedom to experience your true being, that allow you to be yourself and grow and adjust together are the ones that give you strength. It’s not always easy but growth isn’t a fairy tale. Those that fall away allow them to follow their path, for they have brought you lessons and will always be part of your storey.

Always try and find that happy place

If you’re not familiar with meditation, or you can’t get out into nature, you can always use your imagination. Find a memory, a time you were happy and at peace. Close your eyes and allow your thoughts to float back there, tap into how it made you feel, visualise the details. This dream state can lift and shift your energy back to a lighter place. There is no such thing as time in the spirit world, both the past and the future are available right now, you can tap into this anytime you wish.

I often will go back to my memories of sailing, when the sails are full and the power of the wind is moving us across the water, feeling the excitement of the wind behind me and the sun on my skin. The freedom of adventure into the unknown, the stars that shine so brightly at night as you lay looking up at the sky, gently moving with the waves. The eerie feeling at sunset as the energy moves from day into night. The freedom of leaving the structure and mundane of the rat race behind and looking to new horizons. Snorkelling in the coves that are only available from the sea and listening to the sound of the ropes clanging against the masts at night while you’re rocked to sleep. Freedom is in the mind if you can train it not to react. Aiming to keep your energy elevated in times of struggle will give you space to not get dragged down with fear.

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