Find Your Own Truth

It’s healthy to be sceptical

A Spiritual path is mystical, enchanting an intrinsic part of a reality we can be drawn towards, a life dedicated to a heightened awareness, being conscious of the higher levels of consciousness and the connection that can be obtained with the divine.

Without clear evidence to back something up should we really take something on face value? Mediums and healers have been part of my journey for many years now but when I began to open up to spiritually I was enticed by the hope that everything in life would be ok. I was seduced and captivated by the charm of the magical stories that I wanted to believe with my whole heart. Ok, I was young and naive, I truly believed everyone would be working for the highest good. In truth, I was hurt, disappointed and my illusion shattered and crumbled to a disbelief. Spirituality seemed to lose its magic for me for a while and I began to wake up to a reality with flaws, I realised the truth was not what you see with your eyes but the energy you feel in your soul. I started to listen to that quite voice inside that would get dismissed with the bigger personalities, I had let go and what remained was a trusted few.

But hey we are all human dealing with our own issues right? I guess I met a lot of people that wanted to work in the light, their intentions were right (maybe) but behind that, they simply weren’t owning their shadow. Such lovely, softly spoken people with many qualifications and an intelligence from studying, but underneath lay jealousy, competitiveness, bitterness and anger that they desperately tried to hide. A spilt in these peoples energy made it feel uneasy to be around them. This is when I began to question all of it.

I have been to many mediums and have listened to so much information over the years but how do you decipher the truth? Nowadays I would take everything with a pinch of salt until evidence is shown. We can hand over our power too easily and often we would be vulnerable when we are seeking help. There are people out there that their channel is so clear it’s as if they are on the phone to Spirit, a direct line where the personality of a loved is obverse. Trusting your own inner guidance would be vital, trusting the feelings you’re experiencing within your body would give clues. But once you find your souls group and connect on a level of trust and truth everything can switch back again.


Find what resonates with you and work with it

Once you have experienced evidence enough times your wanting to believe becomes a knowing, knowing we are just a small piece of the bigger picture, knowing spirit exists, past lives, reincarnation, energy, guides, healing, astrology, sages, shamans, transfiguration.

I am drawn to the Native American energy, the earth energy that would be considered ‘normal’ in our physical reality, compared to something like aligns. Spirit will manifest in a way that we can best perceive them. I understand a Native American guide can also be another form like an alien, as it’s an energy that manifests in a way that doesn’t scare us here in the physical. I have been very blessed to have had the opportunity to see Spirit in this life. Transfiguration, another style of mediumship where the features of Spirit manifest and appear just in front of the medium. This is another type of physical mediumship. I will never forget this moment as it was the moment my belief became a knowing. Spirit wasn’t allowed to speak until we could see clearly, only then could they share their message.

I am comfortable in my truth that I no longer doubt it, I have had such rich experiences over the years that it has allowed me to anchor it securely into my heart, but I would always tell people to go in with an open mind, take everything with a pinch of salt and ask for evidence. I truly believe it is so empowering when you deeply see, feel and recognise your path. I felt an outsider for years I was always the one that was different, I didn’t understand but knew I never felt truly connected. Once you find your soul group, the people that resonate with you, your tribe, you know you have found your spiritual home.



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