Lunar Eclipse 7th August 2017


Today is the partial Lunar eclipse at 15 degrees Aquarius. It begins over the Pacific Ocean at 15:46 GMT and reaches its maximum point at 17:17 GMT. It’s a moment in time where we release and let go of something, someone or an idea that no longer serves us. If we are aware and tuned into the higher vibrations we may be able to navigate our way through surrendering to the shifts in energy to guide us to where we need to go. For others, this can be a shock, a wake-up call, a sudden event that can occur to shake life up, especially if you are holding on too tightly not wanting to see past the blinkers you have on. Let what needs to bubble up to the surface come, be patient and observe. Don’t try and push it away, feel it and work your way through the process with grace. It’s a time of completion a time to reflect.

The cards have been thrown high in the air and you just need to sit and wait to see how they land. Feelings and emotions may be intense, you may want to detach emotionally, it’s not a time to go against the tide, let it flow be prepared and anticipate what may show up in your life. Eclipse change your direction and there is no going back. Don’t hold to the opinions of others instead be still and gather your strength and wait for the light to show itself.

Everything is happening at the right moment it’s perfect timing for your growth. What will be our lessons for the months ahead, how will our perception shift and what action will be required of us? Have faith, see the beauty in this moment and embrace what is set in front of you. Be kind to others as everyone is feeling their own cycle of completion as we allow life to unfold and release preparing us for the solar eclipse to usher in new beginnings on the 21st August just two weeks from now.
Trust in your process have faith, timing is everything when the moment is right everything will become clear. Know what is toxic and no longer serves you but equally know what is your lessons and see bigger, don’t throw the baby out with the bath water if all you need is to make small adjustments. Turn in to your vibration, just your inner guidance and be still, don’t search outside of yourself have complete faith take each step with awareness and begin to see with new eyes.

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