Where your attention goes energy flows

Where your attention goes energy flows.

When you are going about your daily life try and be conscious of your trail of thoughts, you may start to notice a pattern. Become aware of any very fast thoughts as they could be restricting and limiting abundance in your life. Stay alert, observe your reactions to them. Your thoughts are what you are absorbing and creating in your life, any negative patterns can create a negative loop that can be hard to break. At first, you may be surprised and unaware of what you are putting out to the universe. Are you feeling worthy? Is there self-doubt? Listen carefully, don’t try and push them aside with positive ones as they will only scream louder at you. Instead, allow them to dissolve without any attachment, by doing this you are creating the space to be able to replace them with a more positive outlook. As you begin to change your mindset and internal dialogue you will begin to experience a new higher vibrational understanding of yourself. A clearer vision of the life you are creating and the new energies you are obtaining as you move towards a healthier self-image.

Be careful what you ask for

Do you enjoy going into your inner world to dream? There is a time to go within, to seek answers and clarity, it is important to have time for this dream state. Like a growing baby in the womb, it is a place of creativity but at some point, this creativity needs to be expressed outwardly. Can we become so unconscious of our inner voice that we continue a cycle of lack in our lives? Manifesting is about having a clear intention, asking the universe and a trusting in abundance knowing that you will draw it towards you. By noticing your internal chatter you will then be able to see how it is reflected back at you in the external world.

Look around, what has lost your full attention? Peel back another layer and look a little deeper. Are you focusing intently on something to avoid something else? Do you become distracted that it pulls your attention away from someone you love? Are you avoiding something because it takes hard work and commitment? Or have you become so absorbed in the material world that you avoid intimacy? Keep peeling back the layers. Dig deeper. We can face blocks on our path because the truth can cause discomfort, a decision that would now have to be faced when we would prefer not to have to feel and deal with our emotions. But at what cost? Has your sparky turned into a dullness? Are you afraid of change? Peel back a little more, sit with your feelings and allow them to really show themselves, breathe into it, notice your thoughts or any resistance, notice your avoidance and then keep breathing. What is your truth? Why? What is the worst thing that can happen if you faced your fear? Dig deeper. You will probably feel uncomfortable as facing yourself required honesty and the need to make changes. Walking a new path will bring up all kinds of emotions, but underneath any intense emotions will always be fear. Ask why. What made you feel this way in the past? Dig deeper. Once you can recognise the trigger you will be able to separate a memory from the present and see the present full of opportunity for growth.

Walking the red road

We all have an idea of the perfect life, but how many people actually live it? Are you living your dream? If not then what stops you? What distracts you from standing in your personal power? We all get thrown off track, we all have to pick ourselves back up and we all have our own battle within our own minds. We wouldn’t be here in this body if we didn’t have something to learn.

You can meet the most incredible people that have so many gifts but are they afraid of their own greatness, or do they simply have a different level of consciousness where they choose not to get pulled into life? Maybe being in the human body is just too hard for them to deal with or they do not have any desire for the material world. There is a detachment an unwavering sense of trust that surrounds them an energy that draws people closer and an empathy for all. You noticed these people they are humble and non-grasping. Why do humans create so much destruction? Why do we choose not to share our most magical parts of our soul with the world? Why can others so easily squash our enthusiasm? If we were all true to our own storey just imagine what we could offer to our planet. Our planet needs healing, we all do but we choose to fight it, we deny love.

Other peoples projections can cause people to change who they are. How another person chooses to see you is a projection of their own beliefs. How you choose to react is your own issues. Like attracts like. If we believe in ourselves we will get this reflected back at us but the opposite is also true. Loving yourself requires dedication, it’s so easy to give advice, to see someone else’s situation but do we listen to our own counsel and walk our talk. Can we hold that loving, compassionate space for ourselves, can we shine our light and love every part of our being?

Look around you and notice the energy you put into each part of your life. Where is it lacking? Being conscious and noticing the patterns of thoughts and how they can lead you astray. You always feel better when you clean your home, you begin to notice a lightness, the dullness has lifted and you feel satisfied. Can this apply to every aspect of your life? What have you allowed to become dull? What don’t you care so much about? Do you care but simply do not have the energy? Has another area of your life dominated more time? Are you living your truth or are you playing out an unconsciousness beliefs about yourself? Social culture has a huge impact and pressure on people but is it your truth? Do you need to live up to these expectations? Is your energy scattered? Allow others the freedom to live their life and learn their own lessons. We can only give so much of ourselves before we come to a point of not knowing who we are. Can you bring your attention back to yourself by being alert and mindful in each moment? Believing in yourself and knowing you are enough.

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