What is a Lightworker?

A lightworker is a soul that’s awake, conscious of their presence. They have come to Earth to help raise the vibration, they are tuned into their calling and their soul’s mission is to be of service. They work for Spirit, devoting their lives to Source, moving freely helping to uplift and spread light to our planet.

The more conscious lightworkers become the higher their vibration, they become a beacon of light that people gravitate towards. They teach others how to live by being an example of a free spirit, by standing in their truth and having complete faith in their lives, trusting how it unfolds and knowing they are being looked after. They are their own authority and will be guided by their inner voice and intuition, seeing clearly into situations and have great empathy for other peoples lives.

The higher their vibration the more sensitive lightworkers become and will often be affected by negative impressions or busy crowded spaces as they can pick up on the energies around them. They do not get caught up in the control, manipulation dynamics of life as they tend to be very conscious of what is being played out and will detach themselves from the heavier denser energies as it will have a direct effect on them. They are like a sponge that needs to protect their own energy field and will strive to keep their energy balanced.

Being in their presence will instantly put people at ease as the higher vibrational energy creates a sacred space for people to take down their guard and feel completely safe, allowing people to open up and speak truthfully around them. Their transparency and authenticity are reflected back to others and allows a person to look at their situation with new eyes, changing the perspective. Their honesty and wisdom will help guide people back to their true self.


Realising that you are a soul here with a purpose. If an individual is following their dharma, they are living in accordance with the laws of nature and destiny. They are pursuing their truest calling, serving all other beings in the universe by living their true role. Being a lightworker doesn’t only mean working on the ‘Spiritual’ path in life, it is about living your dharma. Dharma derives from a Sanskrit word meaning ‘to uphold or sustain’, it is about living your life in alignment with your soul’s mission, it can change depending on age or where you are in your life at this moment. Dhmara encourages spiritual practices, right conduct and a commitment to always performing your duties, or anything that creates harmony and acting in the right way. Your dharma could be a teacher, chef, healer, artist, parenting it is anything that is in true alignment with your soul. If you love your work, and it’s serving the world, you know you are living your dharma and you are spreading light to the world.


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