Deep inside of us all, we hold an essence of our divine that is waiting to flourish. As a child, we begin to see the strengths and weaknesses of a personality but will our parents nurture us to be who we really are or will they project their own stamp upon this new soul and misdirect them? As adults, many of us will then need to learn how to unravel these patterns and conditions and probably for the first time have to contemplate our existence of who we are. Who am I? A question used for self-inquiry. As you keep peeling back your thoughts and impressions of the ‘I’, ‘I am’ by applying constant attention to the inner awareness you will begin to discover all that no longer serves your soul.


I love when life suddenly throws an opportunity your way and you know in your heart if you don’t grab with both hands you will regret it. A whisper, a feeling inside, you can’t shake or ignore when your mind is trying so desperately to be louder, giving you all the reasons as to why not to, the battle of the heart and the head. Our hearts uplift us with love and creation if we dare to hear its song, our mind can then give us every reason to fear our heart for it may not be rational or even make any sense. My heart won this one. I have now begun my new journey to study astrology, something that has intrigued me for years, I do not know any astrologers in the Town I live in now so this very opportunity has opened a whole new aspect of myself that I would usually keep hidden, I now have a chance to see the beauty I have always seen. This blog has aspired from the course and I have found myself committed to a new journey. This ultimately means my time and energy has shifted, I’ve had to readjust my normal routine to fit it in each day, but not only that, it has me questioning deeper into my own life.


Will astrology be right for me? I love this science and I can see how life is mapped out when looking at the cycles and patterns in a chart. But is astrology ok for anyone to study? A friend introduced charts to me in 2003. His timing on events blew me away, there was definitely something in it. I have since had two readings one Vedic and the other western both were very different. I resonated with one much more deeply than the other but maybe that was dependant on the person giving the reading. I was taken aback by one reading in particular. How can someone I have never met before see me so clearly to the point that afterwards, I felt a sadness as this stranger could see right into my soul when others around me were so far removed from my inner world? The reading stayed with me for months but I couldn’t see anything when I tried to look at my chart.


Today I am here beginning my journey hoping one day I may be able to grasp the concept of the stars. But can anyone do it? Should we seek to see if it is good for us? Can studying astrology can have a negative impact on someone if they have afflictions? I know of a lady that doesn’t leave her home on ‘bad days’, so she stays at home for days with her windows closed afraid to live her life. On those, ‘bad days’ would it not be healthier to get outside, to get some fresh air? For the air in her home is polluted. Is it a ‘bad day’ because she chooses not to live it? I question this. For what we see in our charts can be true but is it the perspective of a person that is reading that can have such a huge impact on someone’s life? What if a client hung on every word and gave their power away to the interpretations. What if you give up on your destiny because of ‘bad days’? What does this really mean? Maybe it is clear in her chart that she has problems and maybe she is just attaching her problems to astrology to avoid something much deeper. I guess this is something I will be able to answer in the future. It does highlight the importance of being a clear channel, to resonate from a place of love, compassion and kindness, my experience has shown me how potent and powerful astrology can be for it is a blue print of your soul.



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