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Yoga, Healing and Forest Bathing at Halcyon Spirit Retreats.

It’s the ideal time to make a commitment to your yoga practice with our on demand yoga classes.

Let’s do yoga and meditate together. It feels really good to move and breath vitality back into our bodies. Why not make yourself a piroity and spend some quality time rejuvenating and treating yourself to an enchanting mixture of yoga, meditation, forest bathing and healing. When you can carve out some time, you can transform and heal the low frequency ideas, thoughts, and beliefs that cause you to feel anything less than beautiful and confident being that you are.

Try stepping into the practice of self love today and no matter where you are in the world we can support each other energetically with this beautiful virtual online community.

Join us and relax, laugh and nourish your body. Connect with nature, and enjoy yoga, meduatation and a selection of nature’s wellness activities.

This is my offerings to you. This is your invitation to take the final step. It’s super easy to join and just takes a moment. We all need to ease tension and melt away stress. Join now for instant access, stay grounded and lift your energy higher anytime anywhere.

Our Online yoga classes are designed to give you the yoga studio experience in the comfort of your own home. Learn yoga with video tutorials provided by our instruction.

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Connect With Nature

We are in a time when most people have lost their connection with nature. Let’s restore our reciprocal relationship with the earth, appreciate what it does for us and what we can do for it. Our planet needs healing and so do we.

Nurture Your True Self

You will be held in a nurturing and healing environment with loving and supportive healing energy. I am Claire, the facilitator and I will hold the space as you unwind and release blockages and let go of any tension so you can absorb the healing energies and open up to renewing the self and transforming any heavier energy from your energy field. Give yourself the perfect opportunity to create the space for more viality and peace in the body, mind and soul.

Whole Body Health

We believe in nourishing your whole body back into balance, with a yoga practice to bring joy, magic and playfulness into your life. Our online yoga classes gives you the opportunity to practice in the comfort of your own home, empowering you to actively live a healthy nourishing life. My classes are designed to uplift and enrich your soul.

Halcyon Spirit Retreats

Our on demand yoga videos and mini day retreats provides a safe place for complete relaxation, personal transformation and a return to wellness.

“It will be a great pleasure to have you spend time with us, we want to wish you a very warm welcome. If there is anything we can do to make your time even more enjoyable, please do let us know”. Claire

Our mission is to gently guide people back to a place of love and wellness. By understanding the beauty of compassion and spirituality we can live with hope. Halcyon Spirit provide an inner sanctuary where you can discover what is really important for you. Learn how to bring light back into your life and regain your energy instead of allowing circumstances outside of yourself to pull your energy away.

Take this time to reconnect with what brings you true joy and release all the stresses of life that weigh heavy on your soul. Allow your essence to shine bright as you recognise that happiness is your natural state. Join us on a journey back to your true self, heal your heart and find peace as you take the time to honour your inner guidance system and resonate with your personal truth. Take this opportunity to retreat, find what excites you and learn how to reside in that place.

We provide a safe place for relaxation, personal transformation and a return to wellness.

Hi, i am Claire

Yoga Teacher and a practitioner of the healing arts.

Hello! My name is Claire Andrews, I was born in Essex, England, spent my teenage years in growing up in Cornwall and now I currently live in Wicklow, Ireland. Known as the “Garden County” it’s true,  there is so much natural beauty here.

I am tucked away in over 100 acres of woodland and have been spending my spare time bathing in the forests healing energy. I completed a forest bathing course which encouraged me to explore deeper into natures invocations. Through my own personal healing practice of connection to the forests energies I allowed nature to nourish and nutured me through my own healing path for the past few years and now I want to share it with you!

Besides being the driving force behind Halcyon Spirit, I also love astrology. I am passionate about energy healing, health, spirituality, wellness and have been practicing Reiki for over 18 years. I am a Reiki Master, teacher and through my own personal healing journey I have learnt to support others as the facilitator in their healing process.

I have been teaching yoga for over 10 years at Wicklow Yoga and have seen first hand the beautiful healing transformation that evolves naturally through a regular yoga practice.  I see people unlock their potential, feel energised, enlivened as they step into their authentic self and reawakening to their true nature while every other aspect of their life gets easier.


“Yoga, healing and forest bathing is a proven formula for inner and outer transformation and I invite you to join me”.

Let me help you improve your day to day life, connect with your intuition through yoga, mindfulness exercises, meditations, energy healing and forest invitation.


Online Yoga Classes

Feel empowered, embrace the yogic lifestyle and commit to getting on your mat. Clarify your vision and develope a consistant home yoga practice that will support your mind, body and spirit.

Do you desire to pursue a regular yoga practice? Whether your new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner our yoga classes will help you deepen your yoga practice. Invest in your mind, body and spirit, improve your health, happiness and enrich your own personal practice with a membership that is designed to supoport you.

We all have busy lifestyles so we have included a range of 20 minute yoga practices for time sensitive sessions that will enhance your day.

Uncover the science of yoga in ways that bring fulfillment  Whatever your goal, our world, community, family will always  welcome more passion, love and authenticity. Replace the pain of self-hate with love and awaken to a life of compassion and empathy.

Let your yoga practice become a vital aspect of your self care and wellbeing life style. When you need to step into positivity and strength step on your mat and let yoga be your favorite thing to do when you need an uplift. Now is an opportunity for you to take time for yourself. Let yoga and meditation teach you how to be present with the truth of how you feel, and cultivate a sense of self, even on the days that you feel the opposition. Our intention is to help you cultivate abundance and a healthy lifestyle.

Invest, thrive and put in the time to learn to embrace yourself and heal through self love. Loving yourself is an essential yet overlooked part of healing.



online yoga classes
The Perfect Escape

Our yoga, healing, forest therapy program is for everyone. Whether you join me in person in Wicklow or become an international client and connect with me on my yoga platform, I want to wish you a very warm welcome and can’t wait to meet you on your mat!


Join us for a nourishing self-love experience.

Know you deserve everything that brings you joy.


Halcyon Spirit

Contact us today to learn more about our offerings. We are here to answer any questions and would love to hear from you.


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